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Medium divorce recovery fresh start

Fresh Start—Shattered Dreams Winter '18

Group type: Adult Groups
Schedule: Tuesdays • 6:00pm • SEB 124
Season: Fall Stage of Life: Adult Regularity: Weekly Specific Group Attributes: Childcare Available Specific Group Attributes: There is a Group Fee Specific Group Attributes: On Campus Formation Rating: 3 - Highly Formational Educational Rating: 3 - Highly Educational Serve Rating: 1 - Little or No Service Opportunities Fellowship Rating: 3 - High Fellowship / Affinity Focus
Medium divorce recovery fresh start
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This class is a safe place for those who are facing divorce or separation. We will go through the book Shattered Dreams where Dr. Larry Crabb uses the Biblical story of Naomi to show you how to look through life’s tragedies to see the lavish blessings God has for you.

Click the following link to order materials for this class. — Shattered Dreams
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