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The Road Back to You—Book Club

Group type: Adult Groups
Schedule: Thursdays • WJB 103 • 6:00pm
Season: Fall Season: Ongoing Gender: Female Stage of Life: College / Young Adult Stage of Life: Adult Regularity: Weekly Specific Group Attributes: On Campus Specific Group Attributes: Story Group Formation Rating: 2 - Some Formational Content Educational Rating: 3 - Highly Educational Fellowship Rating: 3 - High Fellowship / Affinity Focus
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This group is not currently accepting new members.
Do you want to see yourself like God does, become more and more like Him, and know the fullness of His love for you?

The group’s focus will be on spiritual formation. We’ll start with The Road Back to You and ask God for insights as to where our personality type may be limiting us. We’ll share our personal stories in deeper ways, as well as, practice valuable skills in question asking, listening, and leaving space for the Holy Spirit. 

We hope you’ll join us! This story group will be led by Cheri Williams and meet in the Library. on Thursday's from 6pm - 7:30pm. 
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